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Boleh Net was founded in 2000. At first people knowing Boleh Net as mail service company, game publisher and content provider. Boleh Net evolving significantly. With complete services, include internet service provider, data center, software and apps development, and manage service provider. In the fiscal year 2015, the company capital reported approx. 5 million dollars. Boleh Net has its headquarters in Cyber Building 10th Floor, Kuningan Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia. Boleh Net employs more than 50 people and leads by Mr. Jang Ho Yoel as President Director, also Mr. Agam Poedjiwo as Managing Director.

Mission &
Our Core Values

We will be the leader in the provisioning of integrated digital content and collaboration media service based on Online and Mobile. Never stop innovating, research and learning to give customer effective solution through our integrated source. An early adopter, looking new opportunities with latest tech and software development.

Boleh Net is the leading
specialist in digital solutions.

Boleh Net provides full range of services to the digital industry. From mobile to internet solutions. An integrated digital solutions. For almost two decades, Boleh Net work closely with our clients to understand their business, creating strategies, implement, support and manage their technology.

Initially, Boleh Net provides world class internet services, as A Fast, Reliable Broadband Internet Services. Simple words, yet represents our commitment to providing the best, the fastest services to our clients.

Since founded in February, 2000, Boleh Net constantly evolving. All started with mail service ‘Boleh Mail,’ the first mail service in Indonesia. In fact, Boleh Net also the first company who publish game online ‘Nexia’ in Indonesia, it was in 2001 to be exact.

Today, Boleh has become one of the most prominent mobile content aggregator to the mobile operators in Indonesian market. Boleh owns largest variety of download contents. And reliable internet services.


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